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Fun is an online chess gaming system, which includes free prize giveaways as well as an educational blog area. is another online chess gaming system, which includes a unique correspondence chess world championship.

IQ Test Experts has a variety of IQ tests for you to try.

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles is just what it says. The puzzles are mostly at pre-college math level, but require a certain ingenuity. Nick provide hints (wherever he can), answers, fully worked solutions, and links to relevant mathematical topics. Some of the puzzles are original, at least in the sense that Nick hasn't seen them anywhere else! His aim is to add at least one new puzzle per week. is a strange site featuring paradoxes, puzzles, games, illusions, poetry, curious facts, quotations, Rob's Paraboxes, The Runcible Spoon Society and more.

Want to test your math IQ? Find out what it is at


Shockwave has a lot of games at its site - including some old classics like Centipede. Warning! These games (especially the old ones!) are highly addictive. Just ask yours truly.

Financial Services

Top Ten Reviews has reviews of all different credit card processors ranking Flagship Merchant Services as number one.

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